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Office interiors

Colliers International 
Architects: Savich N.А. (chief architect), Nikolaeva. E. А. (managing architect), Rybachenko А.B.
 Project Manager: Sorokov V.V.
Area: sq. m.: 815
Address: Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya embankment, 77/1 Aurora Business Park

The interior for the office of COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL, one of the world’s leading real estate consultants, was created in cooperation with the architectural bureau Forum Properties on assignment from  ZAO “Forum Properties”.  The office occupies two storeys in a unique building – a renovated former Krasnokholmsky worsted factory on the Sadovnicheskaya embankment.  The basic idea of the architectural design was to combine open working space with multi-purpose conference rooms on the fourth storey, smaller spaces with imposing reception zones on the third storey. The windows of the main rooms look out to a channel, conference rooms and offices are shielded by glass partitions with jalousie, and working space is marked by hanging lamps.

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